Welcome to excellence.

HWDRUMS offers a truly innovative learning experience that combines games with proven learning techniques to improve students drumming ability in a fun and engaging way!


This means our lessons are designed to increase engagement and trick students into learning all drumming grades/common techniques. Not only this, but students also learn…

  • How to play to any level
  • How to adapt and play in both live playing and band situations
  • How to create original compositions
  • How to record, create and upload very own video productions
  • How to use Premiere Pro and Adobe after effects
  • How to direct, record and perform your own commercial and create team directions for event procedures including: film crews, team members and performers on site
  • How to create and set up various drum kits
  • Correct posture
  • Sheet notation (Including graded exams)

For peace of mind, all teachers are...

DBS and safeguard trained Fire safety and first aid aware GDPR compliant and are fully trained to ensure progression